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Technical Directions Inc

TDI logo design

Technical Directions Inc.

Oxford, MI

Technical Directions Inc. (TDI) is a highly-regarded turbine engineering company with a rich history of designing and building turbine engines for military applications since 1983. They knew that their products were starting to get attention, and they knew they needed to build a brand that matched the precision and professionalism that they put into their work. We started with a new logo, and built a corporate identity that matches the people, products and culture of TDI.

Angry engine logo design

The Angry Engine

Beyond the company logo, TDI was looking for a unique stamp of their own. “Small But Mighty” is the company’s slogan. And with the company’s strong ties to the military, we know we wanted to evoke a feeling of strength and patriotism. And we wanted to show the product, and what it does. We modeled this look after classic artwork seen on the side of WWII fighter jets, and we made it a circular stamp, much like patches worn on pilot jackets. It’s a classic look that has been a distinguishing mark for TDI since its debut. We’ve made large signage, challenge coins, mugs and more with this design front and center. Recently it appeared prominently in a Forbes article featuring the company.

TDI rebrand design samples

From business cards to the building

The logo design was just the beginning. From there we developed a clean and modern corporate identity for TDI. We applied the new brand look and feel to everything TDI does. From cards, brochures, sell sheets and folders to pens, mugs, challenge coins and more. We designed, built and still maintain their website (read the case study). When TDI needed a new trade show booth setup, we were there to design and produce it for them.

When TDI moved into a new facility, we were there to assist in designing the office space. We worked directly with an interior design firm to renovate and decorate the interior, making sure that the interior design was on-brand. We designed and produced vinyl graphics, art and framing, custom office name plaques, flags and vinyl graphics in the workshop, and aluminum signage on the interior and exterior of the building.

Through hard work and collaboration, we’ve integrated design elements that not only elevate their brand but also communicate their cutting edge innovations effectively. RCi supports TDI’s design and communication needs, allowing them to focus on pushing the boundaries of their technology.


The TDI Christmas Card has become an annual tradition for their friends and business partners. Every year, we produce a custom animated video featuring the Angry Engine in some kind of Christmas setting. Usually it involves Santa Claus, and the engine pulling his sleigh at incredible speeds. It’s a fun mix of illustration, animation and design that we look forward to every year.

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